About Us

Answers“True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing” – Socrates

At Xcellence Labour Relations we know in order to save you the financial implications and frustrations of not knowing.


We are fully resourced to deliver leading edge Human Resource Services and Solutions to your Company. Our service will empower your Employees/Management to perform according to your business objectives.

Our Objective

To implement a strategy to assist your company to manage the relationships between employees and management by means of well developed policies, procedures and practices so that industrial peace in a productive working environment is promoted and human capital contributes to the attainment and optimising of business goals.


Rudy Bosch [BA. (Hons), Diploma Labour Relations (UNISA) Registered Chartered Human Resources Practitioner (South African Board for Personnel Practice has over 30 years Human Resources and Labour Relations experience and 18 years consulting experience and is only an email or phone call away, contact us today.