Labour Relations and Human Resources Health Indicator

Measure your business’ Labour Relations and Human Resources health by answering the following questions.

  1. Is managing your employees/conflict in the workplace taking more time than generating profit in your company?
  2. Are you wasting precious time at the CCMA or Bargaining Councils?
  3. Are you afraid to discipline/dismiss your problem employees because you are unsure of your rights as an employer/manager?
  4. Are you unsure of how to manage unions and shopstewards in the workplace?
  5. Are you relieved that you don’t currently have a union in your company, but feel unprepared in the event of your employees joining a union?
  6. Are you wasting your time trying to solve Labour issues in your company, instead of focusing on your operations/profit and growing your business?


If your answer is ‘YES’ to one or all of the above questions, you need our service and we at Xcellence Labour Relations and Management Specialists will assist you to take control of and manage the Labour Relations, Human Resources (Human Capital) and employee relationships in your company.

So that you are able to…

  • Employ who you want
  • Discipline/Dismiss employees according to the correct procedures
  • Minimise unnecessary CCMA and Labour Court cases
  • Comply with all labour laws
  • Ensure your management/employees add value to your company