Trying to manage and grow your business while also having to contend with labour relations and human resources problems? 

Don’t let people problems affect your business!

Allow us to provide a strategy to assist your business and to provide a solution to enhancing labour relations in your company.

Take the Labour Relations and Human Resources Health Indicator to see how your company measures up.

Why do you need a human resources (intellectual capital) strategy for your business?

 Management of “intellectual capital” (employees) has become a critical driver of business sustainability and competitiveness. As people related issues now have the same importance as financial indicators.

The implementation and maintenance of a human resources (intellectual capital) strategy is therefore imperative for your company to attain its goal.

Our Approach

Our services empower your Employees/Management to perform according to your business objectives.

Our Services

We provide a comprehensive Human Resource foundation for your Company, by implementing policies and procedures as required by Labour legislation.

Your Peace of Mind

Through Human Resource management and Labour Relations Audits, we regulate and update your labour relations structures, thereby eliminating unnecessary Labour Court litigation and/or referred CCMA disputes.